General Management

Kenneth Ma - Operations Manager
The processing of escrow transactions and the management and running of an escrow company are two very different business practices requiring very different business skills. A person may be the world’s best Escrow Officer, but it does not mean that he/she knows how to run an escrow company effectively and efficiently.
14 years ago when I first joined Viva Escrow, I realized that doing escrows is not my cup of tea. People often ask me “What is it that you do in an escrow company then?” I reply: “I do everything but escrow”.
Samantha Ramos, File Management Coordinator
Samantha is our youngest staff member who just graduated from high school and is going to college. She has big responsibilities behind the scenes. She scans all our files into electronic format! It is easier said than done, as she is responsible to make sure every single piece of paper in a file is scanned and made available for the Escrow staff to pull up on their computer in the future.
Trevor Ma, General Administrator
Trevor is the on-site person we all turn to for help in all matters relating to the physical running of the office, whether it is IT, equipment malfunctioning, or ordering the tons of supplies we need each month. When asked he says, “I do everything to keep the office running smoothly, and I can even do some escrow processing!”
Valecia Veasey, Front Desk
Valecia is our newest staff member. Working in the morning, she has the welcoming smile to get the day started right, for clients and staff alike. Valecia is focused on accuracy and customer care and we are glad to have her here at Viva Escrow.
Updated July 2, 2012