Kenneth Ma, IT Manager

A long time ago, I asked the company president, Juliana, what was the longest tolerable computer down time. Her answer was “zero downtime”. She also requested the following:

Internally, we needed to provide up-to-date software/hardware tools that allow our staff members to do their jobs easily and efficiently.  Externally, we needed to make it easy for our clients to communicate with us.  With these parameters I knew that I had my responsibilities set out clearly to fulfill her expectations.

Over the years, we created a fairly complicated computer network which established a connection of our software not only with our e-mail and escrow software, but also with hardware – our company’s phones systems, staff smart phones (iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry, etc.), faxes, copiers, printers and scanners. In addition we tied together via cloud connections, online collaboration, and connections between offices in different physical locations.

We also need to support our marketing department on our interactive website and social media platforms.

Even though we are pretty competent with our IT experience and knowledge, some of IT challenges and requests are beyond our own in-house capabilities, we are grateful that we have great 24/7 support from our IT consultants; we have been working together and developing our IT infrastructure for more than 10 years.

It would appropriate to say that we view ourselves as a high tech company in a low tech escrow industry.

In February 2012, we did a major upgrade by replacing and consolidating aging servers with  new and much faster, more capacity servers, our IT infrastructure is more robust and stable than ever before.

Trevor Ma, IT Coordinator

A complicated, integrated network requires an on-site coordinator who is able to immediately address and resolve problems. Trevor, with his experience in the actual processing of escrows, also understands the needs of the staff and the stress they undergo when problems arise and treats issues from a simple paper jam to software and hardware issues with the utmost urgency.

Updated June 3, 2012