Kenneth Ma, Marketing Manager
Marketing has always been a challenge to independently owned escrow companies. Most of our business comes from referrals from real estate professionals, mortgage brokers, lenders, existing clients, etc.
The general public is not aware of the role an escrow agent plays as the impartial, neutral third party who handles one of the biggest financial transactions in one’s lifetime. We would like to share what we know with the general public through our website, videos, social media and mobile apps. It is new, exciting and challenging for us, we are also having fun creating informative content.

Samantha Ramos, Marketing Assistant
Samantha, as the youngest staff we have on board, is familiar with web apps, mobile apps and the social media. These are the daily tools for the young generation to communicate, get information and advice. She is currently helping Ken apply our content to these platforms.
Updated June 3, 2012