Annie Vong

Annie Vong

Escrow Officer

Years with Viva Escrow: 1

Languages spoken: English

Annie’s first taste of escrow was as Juliana’s assistant over 10 years ago. Although she left, we were lucky to be able to draw her back to Viva Escrow in 2017. With the years that she worked in other escrow offices Annie brings to us new perspectives and a savvy know-how on improving workflow on an escrow transaction, using e-signatures and Adobe to facilitate the process for all escrow staff in the company. Not only that, her organizational skills and commitment to quick follow up enables the transactions that she handles to close smoothly and expeditiously.

What Our Clients Are Saying

The only escrow company I use. They're so on top of their files that it makes my job as a realtor so much easier. I've worked with other escrow companies in the past who were terrible, but Viva goes the extra mile. They also take the time to talk and explain things to the clients and I really appreciate that. I personally use Juliana and Annie and I have never received a complaint from my clients or other agents. THEY ARE THAT GOOD.

~Wesly T.~

Just closed another escrow with Viva Escrow and wow, it's night and day working with this company, it holds truer the more I encounter other work environments. Working as a Realtor, I like to "hope" that I don't need to tell you how to do your job, I'll do what I do best and I trust that you know what you're doing.. If only that was the case all the time. I had the pleasure of working with Annie Vong, she's extremely knowledgeable, meticulously organized, and such a pleasure to work with. On your team, whether you're the realtor, client, lender, etc. everyone should be able to help take the load off of one another and make you look like a pro especially in front of your clients, Annie will handle that for you so you have one less thing to worry about. I've recovered countless hours of work per file and avoided headaches that have been resolved prior to reaching my desk. That's what you need when your life operates around deadlines and cutoffs times. Thanks Annie for taking a huge load off and making all of our escrow experience smooth as can be. I highly recommend connecting with Annie, pick her brain and find out for yourself.

~May K.~

I have worked with Viva Escrow and Annie Vong on numerous transactions. Annie has come through for me on many occasions. Annie is knowledgeable, reliable, and QUICK! I know my transaction is in good hands when I open with Annie. I can honestly say Annie has positively impacted our business.


~Isaac M.~