Emilia (Emily) Ochoa

Escrow Officer

Years with Viva Escrow: 19

Languages spoken: English, Spanish

Emily is a veteran Escrow Officer who been in our industry almost 40 years. She is one of the few escrow officers in the San Gabriel Valley, who specializes in escrowing the sale/purchase of mobile homes. Clients come and are referred to her throughout California. This makes her unique in this community! 

Her expertise includes other types of real estate transactions, including commercial, residential sale, refinance and business opportunity. She will go above and beyond for her clients.

Although not current, she previously earned the California Escrow Association professional designation of Certified Senior Escrow Officer on two different occasions in the past.


What Our Clients Are Saying

I have been working with Viva Escrow for several years, specifically and solely with Emily Ochoa. Simply put Emily is essential to my closing process. I have worked with three different brokers. At times brokers have requested we use their approved escrow officers. Each time I’ve been unduly forced to compromise, I’ve been able to prove my Emily Ochoa is the better choice.

Emily is Responsible, diligent and reliable. I have called on her many times after normal office hours and she has never hesitated to be available. I was once charged with refinancing a client whose property was inherited under a Living Trust, neither my former broker, nor his preferred escrow officer knew how to handle that transaction, Emily did. Emily was also instrumental in assisting with a very difficult probate closing that was under a FHA transaction. She’s not just a “simple case” escrow officer, she tackles and solves the toughest transactions.

Working with Emily Ochoa means quality work and a timely close. As I prepare to take my California Broker’s Exam, Emily Ochoa will be my preferred Escrow Officer. It is essential that the most successful brokerage office house the “Best Team”. Emily Ochoa is a number one pick.


~Crystal West~

My experience with Emily has been very exciting. We have worked in a ground breaking, cutting edge industry that has gone through growing pains. In such an environment, a great Senior Escrow Officer, in the Escrow Offices must be flexible, highly motivated, show great attention to detail, be customer oriented, have an energetic approach to her job and a great work ethic.

I can think of no one who fits that description better than Emily. I would recommend her for any type of position and would love to work with her again!



~Ferny H. Gonzalez Concha~