Gina Lee

Gina Lee

Accounting Manager

Years with Viva Escrow: 16

Languages spoken: English, Mandarin Chinese, Cantonese

As a neutral third party, one of the most important role that we have is to hold the clients funds. How do we make sure every penny of our clients’ funds is accounted for?

Gina is our Ace in the hole.

In her words, “Since we are dealing with the public’s funds we have set up our own internal accounting procedures to be sure that at any given time, any audit by our own CPA or the Department of Business Oversight will show everything in order and every penny accounted for.”


What Our Clients Are Saying

I would like everyone who reads this testimonial to know how much we appreciate the work done by Gina Lee of Viva Escrow. Our company works with Escrow companies throughout Southern California, helping them protect and account for the public funds handled through escrow. I have spent 32 years working with, literally, thousands of escrow companies throughout Southern California, observing how they record their handling of public funds. I have seen public funds handled very well, very poorly, and everything in between.
I am glad to report that Gina Lee of Viva Escrow is at the top of a very short list of people who handled and record public funds accurately and with a very high degree of integrity. A high amount of trust is placed on anyone handling public funds each day, and that trust is well-placed in Gina. Not only is she accurate 99.99999% of the time (the highest grade given) but her personal integrity shows in every transaction that crosses her desk.
I have worked with Gina for many years now, and have enjoyed her Knowledge, honesty and integrity through the years. Viva Escrow is very fortunate to be employing her talents and skills. I’m sure she will continue to be a tremendous asset to Viva in the years to come.

~Chris Pruitt~
Recon Works