Mario Artiga

Mario Artiga

Escrow Officer

Years with Viva Escrow: 5

Languages spoken:   English, Spanish

Professional Organizations:
Member and Director, Escrow Associates of San Gabriel Valley
Member, California Escrow Association
Member, American Escrow Association
California State University Alumni Association
Monrovia Chamber of Commerce

Mario joined Viva Escrow in 2012 as an assistant to Juliana Tu and quickly progressed in knowledge and experience to the position of Junior Escrow Officer, and now, full Escrow Officer.

He earned his California Escrow Association professional designation of Certified Escrow Technician (C.E.T.) in 2013, and most recently earned his designation of Certified Escrow Officer(C.E.O.) in the Spring of 2018.

His excellent communication skills, his commitment to good service, and his fluency in Spanish makes him a favorite among the clientele who have worked with him.

Mario Artiga Certified Escrow Officer

Mario Artiga Certified Escrow Technician

What Our Clients Are Saying

Good morning Juliana,
I am the assistant to the loan officer on Arana. I would just like to say that your receptionist/assistant is absolutely wonderful. He was so helpful and kind. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve called other escrow companies asking for documentation and they respond with attitude and don’t send me the items requested until HOURS later. Mario send me the EMD receipt within Minutes.

Just wanted to let you know he is awesome 😊

~Alexis Portillo~