Just Another Interesting and
Educational Day at Viva Escrow!

It’s just another day at Viva Escrow, but what a day it can be! Every once in a while something will come up, a problem, a question, an event that is out of the course of our every day escrow work.

Education comes at any time, anywhere, in any format. We just have to be in tune, open and aware of the lesson that ambles our way, sometimes quietly, sometimes with great fanfare.

Sharing the lesson was problematic just a couple of short years ago. Now, with technology - our smart phones - it is easy to record this event and share it with others.

These little videos are part of the series that we have posted on social media, with a short explanation of the event. Some have been transposed to becoming part of a bigger article so that more in depth information on the subject matter can be given.

Cloud On Title

FinCEN GTO Transaction

Mobile Homes

Trevor Fixing Computer

Email Spoofing

Funds Wired From Wrong Account