We Are Hiring!

***Immediate Openings (a total of 3 openings)***

Escrow officers (2 openings)

Escrow Processor/Escrow Processor Trainee (1 opening) - see below for details



Escrow officers (2 openings)

We welcome Escrow Officers with their own loyal clientele to look us up for a step-up in your career.

Is it time to step up your career? Ask yourself these two questions:

  • Are you ready to advance your career as an escrow officer?
  • Would you like to minimize your professional liabilities as an escrow officer?


If both answers are a definite YES,

then please read the message at this link https://julianatu.com/industry-work-is-never-done/ from Juliana Tu, Viva Escrow’s president and the 2019 California Escrow Association President. 


Does it resonate? 

If it does, then please continue reading below. If it does not, we thank you for your time but perhaps this offer/opportunity is not for you at this time. We welcome you to give your career some thought.


Advancing your escrow career

As an escrow officer you are now part of a small, exclusive and strategically important profession tied to the real estate industry. 

Staying in this career requires your understanding of the escrow process and your realization that this process is not static; laws change and evolve as do those processes. To do well you need to be continuously educated. To advance requires you to establish a symbiotic relationship with the company you choose to represent. You work hard for your company, does your company work hard for you? Are they there for you? 


Minimize your professional liabilities

An escrow officer is not required to be licensed individually. The right to conduct business comes from working under the license of a settlement company, whether escrow, title or real estate broker owned.  

What does a company provide that will minimize your liabilities? What does a company provide that will make you effective in handling your clients’ transactions? Do they encourage your efforts at keeping abreast of the changes and need for continuing education? Do they…

 - Pay for your membership in the escrow trade organization

- Pay for your attendance at educational meetings and escrow related classes

- Encourage your participation of webinars, even during office hours

- Provide you with reliable information and resources for you or your clients’ questions and concerns

- Provide you with inhouse training and make you aware of changes coming up

- Provide you with the most advanced technological tools to help you work faster and smoother


Most important, does the company have a person who has the years in the industry, the background and the knowledge to run it and partner with you to advance your career and minimize your liabilities?

Viva Escrow and Juliana Tu does! Here is the link to our backgrounds and resource driven websites – www.vivaescrow.com and https://julianatu.com. Feel free to navigate around and look at what we offer.

Call us at (626)584-9999 and ask for Kenneth Ma. He loves to chat with you about the possibilities of working together.  


Our guiding motto is: “You Have Questions, We Have Answers!” Can we answer yours? 

Thank you for your time and interest.



Escrow Processor / Escrow Processor Trainee (1 opening)

- Part-time (minimum 20+ hours/week)

- You will be working at our office - no remote work

- With or without escrow experience. We will train.

Language skills:

- English - speaking, reading, listening and writing, 

- Mandarin - speaking, listening (preferred, not necessary)

You will be communicating with our clients, vendors, and staff members over the phone, face to face, by email.

Daily tasks

- Learn/use an escrow software and other software tools

- Data entry, filing, scanning, order documents online and over the phone

Ask yourself these questions:

  • How do you treat "time"? Your attendance is important. You can not support your escrow officer if you are not around during office hours. Our office hours are Monday - Friday from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm.

  • Are you willing to help? - We spend a good amount of time helping and communicating with people - our clients, staff members, vendors, affiliates, etc. Without them, our business would not exist. 

  • Are you willing to learn? Escrow related work might be new to you. Are you ready to learn this new skill? The escrow industry is a great niche to build your career - once you have the skills.

  • Do you pay attention to details? Are you organized? You will be dealing with lots of paperwork - real paper and electronic.

  • Are you afraid of numbers? You will be doing simple calculations. Precision is the key.

  • How are your PC skills? You will use a Windows PC (Windows 10) and multiple monitors to do your work. 

  • Are you willing to adapt and learn new software? We use special software for escrow processing; we use other software tools to keep us on track. These could all be new to you. Are you willing to learn and apply what you have learned?

We are in Monrovia. Get to know us by visiting our website and Yelp reviews:



If most of your answers are positive and you are still interested, please send your resume to info@vivaescrow.com for immediate consideration.

Thank you for your time.