Transfer Tax Affidavits

Transfer Tax Affidavits

The following are the County Recorders that require an “Affidavit” to be signed and attached to the Preliminary Change of Ownership form. In particular, if the deed is not a sale of the property but an “inter family” or “gift” transfer and you are claiming an exemption from transfer tax, a Transfer Tax Affidavit must be completed. Here are the list of counties (as of August 1, 2011) and the website link to the forms.

County and Website Link Deeds- $0.00 Tax All Deeds? Original or Photo ok Signatures Memo
El Dorado Yes No Photo ok Grantor, Grantee Not required- spousal and into/out of trust. Must show proof of same parties/same interest
Merced Yes No Original Grantor or Grantee only None
Riverside Yes Yes Original County does not question signature None
San Francisco Yes Yes Photo ok if agent’s signature is nearby & original Grantor or Grantee Gift transaction MUST have original signature and CANNOT be an agent
San Joaquin Yes No Photo ok Grant/Grantee or Agent Title Companies excluded as valid agents
San Mateo Yes Yes Original Grantor, Grantee, Title Co as agent Service Bureaus not allowed to sign
Santa Barbara Yes No Original Grantor or Grantee only None
Solano Yes No Photo ok County does not question signature except on Company to Company transactions Required on all deeds if there is no PCOR. Company to Company need PCOR and TTA BOTH & must have signature of Grantor/Grantee

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  1. Hello, there are additional Counties that require this now. Here’s my list:

    El Dorado
    San Francisco
    San Joaquin
    San Mateo
    Santa Barbara

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